My Best Valentines Day

Two years ago I had resumed my affair with Josh behind my husbands back. We met up in NY in January and then planned to make a trip together in April, but Josh wasn’t the kind of guy to let Valentines Day or my birthday float by without doing anything. Josh told me he was sending a gift for my birthday to coordinate with what Ang and Colleen were doing. So I had to try and figure it out of course.

However he decided to be sneaky, he used Angela and Colleen to coordinate delivering a gift to be on Valentines day after we went skating. They recorded me as I opened up the tickets and hotel reservation.

Josh had wrapped up his shopping on the way to Hamilton, swinging by Tiffany and a few other places during his drive up.

Then he got to the hotel rooms early and set them up. In the girls room he set up some chocolates, snacks and drinks along with a letter to me.

Hydration is important!

And a gift basket he set up in his room, adjacent to the one we were in where he would be waiting for me to get his note and find the room key.

Nerdy gifts, wine, and most importantly, Tiffany!

I spent my morning getting lashes done, dropping dogs off and trying to coordinate leaving with the girls, getting my nails done, and finding a Burger King and peanut butter cups.

Once we got in and I opened the letter, I sprinted to the other room to make out with Josh and freak out that he made the trip to see me. However Colleen and Ang interrupted us to meet him and then we had to get ready to go eat farm to table stuff.

Makeup or assault?
Dinner was a blast

We then made our way over to the Blue Rodeo concert. We drank overpriced beers and when they came out for the encore and did Lost Together I proceeded to make out with my date the entire time.

After the concert we stopped to change into warmer clothes and then went bar hopping where we found a live band. Colleen developed an instant crush on the lead singer and spent all our time there flirting with him while we danced and made a weird friend on the dance floor who decided my name was Melissa and he shouted Happy Birthday Melissa at me. Eventually we headed back to the hotel and split up.

Sidenote: before we left Luke asked Colleen not to do any sexual things with Angela in the hotel. Colleen didn’t listen and munched Ang’s carpet, but I was in the other room doing my own thing with Josh so…

The next morning we had breakfast, and the girls left while Josh and I spent the day in the hotel with a small break late at night to go grab a small plate and then drink the bottle of wine he brought. He left relatively early Sunday as I had to get back to my home life and he had a 13 hour drive. But here is us recapping some of the trip.

Yea we’re talking about oral

The last line is a lie, but it sounded good at the time.

Just a goodbye message.
I had to send it back with him to hide it from my husband for a while, it’s okay I picked it up in March.