Yvonne Takacs Review #1

“If you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole.  If you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.” – Raylan Givens

One of Yvonne’s go to methods of meeting and bonding with new people is to trash everyone else she knows and have a pity party.  This will highlight what people who have had the unfortunate pleasure of getting sucked into Yvonne’s web of lies, alcoholism, and deceit had to deal with.  Enjoy!

So lets start with some comments from a former best friend…

Oh that’s lovely right… how about some detail?

Pity parties, a Yvonne specialty.  Toss in constant drinking and her parental figure issues, shes just winning at life!

You mean her stories about wanting to be a strong independent female role models for little kids at her job were all lies, how shocking from a co-dependent gold digger.   Of course she wanted to drink, it’s how she copes with everything in her life, it’s stressful to be as full of shit as she is because it gets harder to tell your lies from the truth. 

Yvonne really doesn’t like anything that isn’t kissing her ass, buying into her woe is me bullshit, or letting her be the centre of attention.  As soon as you confront her about anything, this is a typical result.  

Also at least she recently gave up the facade of not being an alcoholic, she started advertising in in fact. She finally hit step 1.  


How bad of a person do you have to be to make someone say they Pray they never run into you?

Makes you wonder how Yvonne would react so someone treating those boys the way she treats others?  I’d hope she doesn’t have to nerve to be upset about someone else treating her kids the way she has treated her supposed lovers or best friends as an example. 

Next up, Yvonne’s first husband.